Fire Abatement

Is Your Property Up to Fire Code?

Is Your Property Up to Fire Code?

We provide professional fire abatement services and underbrush removal in Fortuna, CA

If you live in the Fortuna, CA area, you know how dangerous wildfire season can be for trees and plants on your property. Make sure your land is up to code with fire abatement services such as underbrush removal from Tree Tactics. We'll help your property reach local standards for fire safety and minimize the risk of forest fires occurring around your home.

If you have any questions about our ladder fuel reduction, underbrush removal and general fire abatement procedures and services, contact us now.

Explore your fire abatement options

California law requires a set of standards for your land that our fire abatement services can help you maintain. In order to do so, we will:

  • Raise canopies of trees
  • Eliminate ground fuel
  • Remove underbrushGet back the proper tree canopy spacing
  • >

For a free estimate for how you can prepare your property for wildfire season with our underbrush removal and fuel reduction services contact us at 707-616-2929