Tree Trimming

Promote Safe, Healthy Tree Growth

Promote Safe, Healthy Tree Growth

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Getting regular tree trimming service is the key to safe, visually appealing trees on your property. That's why Tree Tactics offers professional trimming and dead wood removal services for customers in Fortuna, CA and the surrounding area. Our team of experts will visit your property to determine the best course of action for your trees, then provide regular services to make sure they look their best.

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How can we take care of your trees?

When you hire us for tree trimming services, we employ a variety of methods to ensure the health of your trees. We use:

  • Tree trimming - we trim to ansi standards
  • Dynamic and cable bracing for support
  • Dead wood removal - Thinning, dead limbs/wood, crown reductions for weight management
  • Canopy raising
  • Crown reduction
  • Tree pruning

For more information on how we can safely and effectively trim your trees call us at 707-616-2929 now.